Monday, May 25, 2009

Random acts of style: love message

[Near the corner of Comm. Ave and Harvard Ave.; photo credit: Nicole Cammorata]

There's something about this - a public message of love rather than profanity - that struck me as beautiful. Who was this message for? Did they get it? Or, if it wasn't meant for any specific person but rather a declaration to the masses, how many people see this every day? How many of those people's days were just a little brighter because of it? To me, that's the perfect example of a successful random act of style (and kindness! Side note: in the third grade, for "Random Acts of Kindness Day," my dad and I made up a song that we still sing. It went like this: "To-daaaaaaay - is random acts of kindness daaaaay. Be a pal, be a sport, 'yes sir, no sir, thank you ma'am!' To-daaaaaay - is random acts of kindness daaaaay!")

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