Sunday, July 26, 2009

Playing house

[Photo credit: Nicole Cammorata]

Here's a glimpse at how I've set up things at the place in Cambridge. Still to come: a closer look at the side table, which is just a couple of stacked, vintage suitcases.

Vintage rowing print

Look what I bought on Etsy! It's from this fabulous seller named SurrenderDorothy (I know, amazing name, right?) who has all this great vintage stuff, including a lot of prints.

[1923 Young Women's Sculling Club, London, $14.89, Etsy]

Here are some more of the prints she has for sale:

It did not match the curtains

Here's the carpet I saw in one of the casinos during my trip to Las Vegas earlier this year. Aren't the colors just fantastic? I could even see this photo blown up really big, framed, and hung on the wall like an abstract piece of art.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ebay round-up: what I bought

I recently went on a bit of an ebay rampage. Here are the spoils from my internet shopping:

[Vintage yellow-frame aviator sunglasses, $8.39]

[Ikea Dekad wind-up alarm clock, $7.99]

[Massachusetts Bay nautical chart, circa 1975, $9.99]

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