Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cool style at the Blogger's Ball II

The well-heeled Boston bloggers came out to play tonight at the Blogger's Ball II, where Erin Gates of Elements of Style, Liana Peterson of New Brahmin, and Jessica Sutton of Daucus Carota talked about their experiences keeping blogs -- everything from cultivating an audience and best practices for balancing a day job and blogging to how to handle the haters and developing your own voice. As my own blog nears it's first birthday, it was great to get advice from such talented (and stylish!) ladies.

{oh hello there!}

I met Amanda (of red bird vintage fame) at the event, which was held at the gorgeous Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams showroom in the South End and hosted by The Design Salon. Amanda and I bonded over our mutual love for vintage (I was sporting a 70s era silk shirt under a black dress.) I really dug her look -- the stripes with the cheetah-print scarf plus the structured jacket and frames. Apologies for the crappy quality of this photo though -- I took it with my iPhone. Amanda, you say there are good iPhone photo apps out there? Please show me your secrets. Also, I'm totally stealing your look. Hope you're okay with that.

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