Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Writers' cabins

{Via the Guardian}

I'm taking a class at Grub Street, a non-profit organization that offers writing classes, called "How to Write a Lot."  Taught by the wonderful Hillary Rettig, the class examines the causes of and cures for procrastination and perfectionism and teaches valuable skills in time management.  One of the biggest things I've learned so far is that you have to provide yourself with the resources you need to do your job.  Sometimes a pen and paper are just not enough.  For me this means a comfortable chair, a desk,  a fast computer, and relative quiet.  Something I've always dreamed about having is an office or a writer's cabin -- somewhere I could just get away and escape to a place meant only for writing.  And though that's not a reality just yet, one day it will be.  (In the meantime I can settle for a writer's corner.)

{Image via tinyhouseblog}

The above and below are both views of Michael Pollan's cabin, found via The Cooper Cabin Weblog.

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  1. Oh yes.... I need one of these tiny writers cabins; preferably in the mountains. I would also love to have a writing cabin in a boat or a tiny beach house. Where the mountains meet the sea....

  2. oh yes, yes! we are cut from the same cloth. :)


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