Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Find: New Englanders on safari

Found this great shot in my saved images folder.  I'm not entirely sure which advertiser it is, but judging by the clothes, photo styling, and model choices, my best guess is that it's either Banana Republic, j.crew, or Land's End.  Anyone know for sure?


  1. jcrew perhaps? models & madras

  2. I just see a bunch of reasonably well-coiffed people standing in front of a hot Toyota Land Cruiser.

    Tell them to move!

  3. hmmmm...the Land Cruiser might have been the crucial clue: this NY Mag story says former Gap/J.Crew visionary Mickey Drexler owns "six renovated vintage Toyota Land Cruisers."

  4. it IS a hot car. you know I love those old land cruisers. I'm fairly certain it's j.crew.


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