Monday, April 4, 2011

The houses of Key West

I was surprised to discover a multitude of homes for sale while in Key West recently.  What I wouldn't love to just escape permanently into the Florida sunshine, snatch up one of these beauties, and stake my claim in paradise.  In the meantime, the photos will have to do!

{a fixer-upper, anyone?}

{Ernest Hemingway lived here in the 1930s}

{detail of window at Hemingway House}


  1. Man, papa had style.

    All of his terse and direct and strict word budgeting came of age on the outer walls of his home. It's like a giant rectangular fortress jutting straight from a swamp. I love how the sub-tropic states have a running theme of giant floor to ceiling windows and iron rails on white stucco. It's stark and rattling and looks wholly sound.

    Have you ever been to New Orleans? You'd love it.

  2. So true about those houses -- I love the balconies the best. New Orleans is definitely on my list-- this is the year of exploring my own country!

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