Sunday, May 15, 2011

Soggy scenes from Brimfield

It was a wet, soggy day in Brimfield, but a little rain wasn't about to stop me from making my annual trek to this vintage mecca.  Mom and I set out early, with open minds and low expectations due to the foreboding clouds overhead.  By the time we pulled into the parking lot, the rain was coming down so hard that the wipers were slashing back and forth on their highest setting.  "Hey I hope we don't get sunburned today," I said as we suited up in our rain gear and set out for the day.  (Yes, I think I am hilarious.)

Despite a bit of minor flooding, we discovered some great finds.  Check out some of my photos from the day below -- I'll post tomorrow about what I bought.

{mirrored bath house sign}

{vintage racquets}

{cocktail shakers}

{toboggan -- just add snow!}

 {vintage Canadian hockey posters -- in French!}

 {here's a close-up of Cecil "Tiny" Thompson of the Bruins}

{curio cabinet / glass case with shelves}

 {1930s women's bathing suit}


  1. The hockey prints are cool! Check out the minor floodage by that toboggan.

  2. I wanted those hockey prints so bad but they were like $900 (not even kidding).


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