Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This post is for you

I recently received a lovely note from an old college friend with whom I worked at the student newspaper.  She told me that she'll soon be decorating a new apartment and has used this blog for inspiration.  (How sweet is she, seriously.  I'm blushing.)  Anyway, I got to thinking: If I were to feather the nest of this classy, classy lady -- what would it look like?  I give you:  Chez Merrill.

The inspiration here is a muted, neutral palette with kicks of navy and tart orange or cranberry.  Clean lines are boosted by an architectural focus of bookcases and framed art on the walls.  Touches of New England prep and uptown glamor sprinkled throughout.

[Love the orange and cream striped curtains with the tufted ottoman.  An elegant, uptown Parisian sitting room vibe. Those pillows are hideous though.  Would definitely not pick those.]

 [The preppy urbanite: for the book lover who has accumulated many treasures from her travels]

[Art in unexpected places.  Love the idea of painting a clawfoot tub -- it really dresses it up.]

  [A pop of bright color adds a whimsical surprise to a small city bathroom and serves as a quick pick-me-up for those early mornings and late nights that so often occur when working in journalism.]

 [Open concept shelving and matching baskets maximize storage in a small space.  A colorful accent wall at the far end of the room creates a focal point that tricks the eye and lengthens the room.]

[Built-in breakfast bar maximizes space.]

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