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Chevron hardwood floors

These are pretty amazing, right?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The rustic life

*All images found via Pinterest.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Once Magazine

Was lucky enough to meet some of the guys from the San Francisco-based start up Once Magazine while at the ONA Conference last week. Once is an iPad-only photography magazine, which counts Life and National Geographic among some of its influences. Check out the promo video below for their pilot issue, out now. I honestly might buy an iPad just so I can subscribe.

Once Magazine — Available Now from Once Magazine on Vimeo.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Scarlet Woman: Beatriz Rempel of Lucky14 Handmade

The Scarlet Woman series profiles women working in creative fields.  For more, go here.

When the air turns cool and the leaves start to fall, don't you wish you could just curl up inside and knit all day?  Well Beatriz Rempel does just that.  The British Columbia, Canada resident makes all of her luxe, chunky knit scarves, pillows, and coffee cozies from the comfort of her (very stylish) living room.  Originally taught this time-honored craft by her grandmother, and then re-introduced to the skill years later by her sister-in-law, Beatriz sells her homespun wares on Etsy and at various craft shows in Canada, including the Bloom Market and One of a Kind.  She was nice enough to show us around her home, giving us a peek into her crafty world.

Full name:
Beatriz Rempel

Founder / owner / knitter of Lucky14 Handmade

Media you work in:
Yarn – wool and alpaca mostly

Childhood nickname:
Beat-rice or Beat-it. They actually weren’t childhood nicknames. As a kid it drove me crazy when kids used Beat-rice to tease me. I would get so mad. As an adult in university I got over it as it became a nickname.

Where did you grow up?
I was born in Brazil and came over to Canada when I was one. I actually celebrated my first birthday on the plane.


Favorite designer / artist / writer:
Hmmm. That’s hard actually. There are a ton of designers I love. To narrow down a favorite is nearly impossible. But I love the Architecture firm BattersbyHowat.  I actually worked with them for a couple of years and just learned so much. David Battersby and Heather Howat are amazingly talented and such fantastic people. They really had a huge influence on me and my design aesthetic.

As for favorite writers, that’s easier. Anita Shreve and Miriam Toews. Just really good. Their books are easy to read but not fluffy.

And then there’s bloggers. Where do they fit? Two of my favorites are Door Sixteen and The Brick House. I really like blogs written by everyday people telling you about themselves and their lives. These two women have amazing style, are fabulous writers (Morgan is especially hilarious) and share bits of their work and lives.

When you were a kid you wanted to grow up to be:
An actress or a teacher.

Describe your career path:
I re-learned to knit a few years ago and really enjoyed it. I was working as an Interior Designer in Vancouver. The goal was to get my Bachelor of Interior Design, work for a firm for a few years and then open my own design company. Then about 2 years ago I developed some health issues that made it pretty much impossible to keep a full-time job. So, to fill the days, I started knitting and spending a bunch of time online reading blogs. After a while, I ran out of things I could knit for myself or give away so I decided to open an Etsy shop to try to sell my stuff. So here I am. Spending my days knitting. Who would’ve thought? But I love it.

When do you feel most inspired:
In the morning. I am a definite morning person. I love the quiet of early mornings. And that’s when I have the most energy. I get a lot done between 6:30 and noon. After lunch, I turn into a sloth. I get tired, unmotivated and lazy.

How would you describe your personal style:
I’d say my style was livable West Coast modern. I love clean lines and uncluttered spaces, but I still need things to feel warm and cozy and comfortable. And I love layers. I am not a summer person. I love the fall and winter when the air is crisp and smells fresh and clean and I can bundle up.

First thing you do when you get up in the morning:
Open all the curtains and blinds. Even if it’s disgusting outside, I need to let the natural light in. Then I make myself a vanilla latte (or eggnog in the winter…yum!) and either start knitting or catching up on the blogs I follow. I’ll either listen to an audiobook or music while I’m working. Or nothing. Sometimes it’s nice to just have silence.

What’s the thing you love most about your job/profession/ etc.:
Two things: working from home and having complete creative control. I feel so lucky to be able to work at home, on my sofa with my cat curled up at my feet. What a luxury. And the creative control part – I design and make what I like simply because I like it. The fact that others like it too is just a giant bonus.

Favorite room in your house:
My living room (above). It’s where I spend the majority of my time. It’s comfortable with a giant front window that lets in the light. It's where I knit and where I hang out with my husband. When I think of “home” I picture my living room.

Biggest challenge you’ve faced with your career:
Promoting myself. I am NOT a business person. I am horrendous at schmoozing. I am incredibly shy when it comes to promoting myself and my work. It’s awful.

What brings you joy:
Fall time, road trips, books, and my husband (my favorite person in the world).

Design “rule” you never follow:
I actually never consciously think of any of the design “rules” I learned in school. I just do what I think looks good.

If you could jump back in a time machine, you’d go back to:
I actually wouldn’t go back to far. Early high school years maybe. Then I’d take school much more seriously and work harder so that I could have a chance at going to an Ivy League school in the U.S. Somewhere on the east coast. I would love to have had that experience.

How would you define a “scarlet woman”:
Independent, focused, driven, creative, aspires to impossible perfection.

*Photos courtesy of Beatriz Rempel; portrait photo by Vanessa Voth.

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Let them eat cake

[happy birthday to me!]

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Sweet rides

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Scenes from a late summer garden

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Typography spotting

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New York City architectural elements

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Donald Glover in GQ

Love these photo of "Community" actor (and former "30 Rock" writer) Donald Glover in the September issue of GQ.

*All images by Peggy Sirota

j.crew looks we love -- oh yes!

Jenna Lyons, you've done it again.

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Scarlet Woman: Annemarie Buckley of Scout's Honor Co.

I am thrilled to introduce you to Scarlet Woman, a new series here on scarlet&sterling profiling women working in creative fields.  I am reclaiming the phrase "scarlet woman" and reinterpreting it to mean a woman who paves her own way, creates her own path, and expresses herself via a creative lifestyle.

The very first in the series is Annemarie Buckley, the uber-talented and gracious stationary designer behind Scout's Honor Co.  Based in Vermont, Buckley is actually a fellow Boston University alum (go Terriers!) -- making her a double scarlet woman.  (BU's school colors are scarlet and white.) 

Full name:
Annemarie Buckley


Childhood nickname:
Ree Ree (my little sister could only pronounce the last syllable of my name. It stuck!) 

When you were a kid you wanted to grow up to be:
In third grade, my teacher asked the class this question. I responded with "First Woman President." I know, a bit ambitious. I think I was frustrated that a woman had not accomplished that yet (still am!)

Media you work in:
Illustration + hand type created with ink, gouache, and watercolor. Scanned in and finished on the computer. 

Favorite designer/artist/writer:
There are so many, it's hard to keep track. A few of my faves at the moment: Roman + Williams (interiors), Jon Contino (hand-lettering), Tom Slaughter (painting + more), Dana Tanamachi (insane chalk lettering), Partners & Spade (sense of humor), Robert Motherwell (painting), and all of the brands + shops that are celebrating well-made, timeless products… A few are: Makr, Billykirk, Canoe, Hickorees Hard Goods, Unionmade Goods, and the classics: L.L. Bean, Woolrich… the list could go on forever. I also love fashion + design blogs, including Garance Dore which is filled with beautiful photos + fresh color (not to mention amazing hand type + illustrations).

Describe the path that led you here:
It's a long (but fun) one. I have been creating art my entire life, in one form or another. I went to Boston University in the College of Arts + Sciences… eventually took an "Intro to Graphic Design" course at the art school, fell in love. I somehow convinced the professors to let me into the major-only graphic design courses. I am beyond grateful that both the professors and students were so welcoming. I took a design course every semester from that point on, supplemented by design internships in Sydney (BU study aboard program) and Boston. In the midst of all of that, I discovered The Paper Source in Brookline, fell in love again. Saw my future in paper, design, and stationery. Wrote my senior thesis on paper art (no joke!). Fast forward one year after graduation, I ended up in Burlington, VT managing photography for Burton Snowboards. Really fun, creative environment. Stayed for 7 years but eventually my love of paper + stationery pulled me back and I left to start SH/Co. full-time. I am 6 months in and pinching myself that this is actually happening.

When do you feel most inspired:
Late at night. It's when I get into the "zone" and really start cranking. But being inspired in general happens all the time… I am constantly on the hunt. My blog has been really helpful as each day I get to come up with something that inspires me or find a new way to present a simple idea (it's really about the little things for me, i.e. an entire post about paper clips!).

How would you describe your style:
Love vintage, nautical, classic Americana… but also love fresh + modern. I try and combine the two sensibilities.

First thing you do when you get up in the morning:
The daily trifecta: cereal, iced tea, email.


Favorite room in your house (and why):
My studio (pictured above). It is on the 3rd floor of an old house, in a turret. It has five windows + tons of natural light. Sometimes, I feel like I work in a tree house, which is never a bad thing.

Biggest challenge you've faced with your career:
The dirty F word: Finances!!!

What brings you joy:
Dark chocolate. 

What's the thing you love most about your job/profession/trade/etc:
Being creative. Coming up with new ideas. Making something custom for each client that's really personal to them, whether it's their wedding invitation or an illustration of their home. 

How would you define a "scarlet woman":
Independent, ambitious, curious, creative, chooses potential failure over possible regret

*Studio mages courtesy of Scout's Honor Co., portrait by Dave Pfluger,

Have a suggestion for a Scarlet Woman?  Email me at ncammorata[at]

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