Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dreaming of a winter wonderland

We woke up to a "light dusting" in Boston today, which will no doubt be melted by noon.  I've heard the phrase "snow drought" thrown about as of late.  I shiver at the thought!  While I wait patiently by the door in my duck boots, here's what I've been dreaming of...

[found via capecodcollegiate]

[found via cabinfodder]

And we have reader photos!  My lovely friend Elyse Andrews, who blogs over at www.elyseandrews.com and with her husband, Upstatement co-founder Mike Swartz, at www.elyseandmike.com, sent me these gorgeous winter photos that I wanted to share with you all.

 [Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire]

[Crested Butte, Colorado]


  1. LOVE the barn photos! Having had my fill of snow during college at Syracuse U, I thought a winter without snow would be fabulous, but now that we're having one, I do miss it. I'm not quite in my duck boots at the door, but it seems wrong to not be snowed in, drinking hot cocoa, plotting out a slow-cooked meal. At least once a winter, anyway. Thanks for the snowy nostalgia!

  2. Hey Amy, I went to Syracuse too (my photos are the last two posted above)! I completely agree with you--after graduating from there I was happy not to have to dig my way out of the house every day, but this winter just seems wrong!


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