Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Little house in the big woods

Here is a true story:  This morning, my very funny (very clever) comedian friend Steve Macone sent me an email with the words "free cabin porn."  Dubious of a computer virus, I promptly deleted this email and informed Steve that his account had been hacked. "Are you serious," he asked me.  "Did you read the link?"  I should have known, since Steve often ribs me for fantasizing about living in an L.L. Bean catalog, all snowshoes, puffy vests, and golden retriever puppies.

Indeed, this email link was not spam, but in fact has become my new favorite website. 

I give you: cabin porn, a big picture blog curated by the folks over at Beaver Brook.

[photo by kaxnas]

[Photo by Linda Edwards]

[Ranger's cabin, Indian Henry Meados, Mt. Rainier National Park - photo by Eric Nagle]

[photo by Vasin Valery]

[photo by Eddy Wong]

[photo by Brian Dow]

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