Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A beekeeper in waiting

I am hopelessly infatuated with the idea of keeping bees.  I picture their little bodies buzzing about the garden, pausing at each squash blossom and tomato plant before returning to the hive to turn the pollen into sweet, sticky honey.  I daydream about cranking the centrifuge, watching as the golden liquid flows out into mason jars, which I will then give as gifts to all my friends.  It's just a dream now, of course, for apartment living doesn't exactly support this agricultural dream.  It's only a matter of time though.

I have always been fascinated with the industriousness of bees.  In the fourth grade, there was a school-wide competition where students were invited to submit their nominations (with accompanying illustration) for what our mascot should be.  I nominated the bee of course, and with it included my drawing of an anatomically correct Apis mellifera, copied out of my parents' encyclopedia.  The students took a vote, and the bee was indeed voted in as our mascot.  Except it wasn't my bee that won, but a fellow classmate's cartoon version. 

As spring sits on the horizon, I am wrestling with the idea of getting hives for my tiny backyard garden.  The start up costs are high and the reward sweet, but I worry about how my landlord (not to mention neighbors) would feel about these new tenants.  In the meantime, a girl can dream.

[urban beekeeping via The Selby]

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