Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Freckle face

I have spent many, many years trying to suppress my freckles.  I own multiple hats, numerous high-powered sunscreens, and the most adorable beach umbrella you've ever seen.  But despite my best efforts, I am still covered after even a limited amount of time in the sun.

Is it time to embrace the freckles?  I do believe it is.  I've decided to take inspiration from the lovely faces featured below.


  1. freckles are amazing! i've developed some in the last few years (getting older i guess) and i love them. i feel oddly proud when someone notices them. so yes, embrace them...they're beautiful.

  2. i hav lots of freckles on my face...n still nt found any treatment 4 them expt laser,,,,n that ill never go for


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