Thursday, March 29, 2012

From Lonny to my bedroom: 'Christina in Void'

I love a good chase.  Especially when there is art at stake.  A while back, I gazed lovingly at the home of Houston-based graphic designer Ashley Putman in Lonny Magazine.  I was especially struck by the art hanging above her mantle. (See image below.)  I filed it away in my brain until just recently when a viewing of Andrew Wyeth's "Christina's World" made me wonder -- what was that other version I saw?  And who made it?  And where can I get it?

After sending out a call into the universe, and after many, many hours of searching, I remembered it was in Lonny Magazine.  (Of course!) A quick Google search later and I'm at the etsy page of the incredibly talented Lucy Kirkman.

I love how Kirkman has reinterpreted Wyeth's icon, "Christina's World" (below). 

[Andrew Wyeth's original, "Christina's World"]

In "Christina in Void," her world becomes your world.  By knocking out the background, the limits of her world are gone too.  In the absence of that field and that house, she is no longer gazing at the past (as I had always interpreted it) or grieving about her limitations, but instead, is hopeful, now suspended in the endless possibilities of the future.   It is not a void I see, but a blank canvas of potential.

[Lucy Kirkman print -- "Christina in Void" -- hanging in my bedroom]


  1. That bedroom sure seems cozy and comfortable. So much so in fact that I'm getting sleepy just looking at it.

  2. Its quite interesting about knowing it from this bedroom information. I like it. Thanks for the information.


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