Tuesday, May 20, 2014

What is it about a beach house?


What is it about you, dear beach house?  You are nearly 100 years old, sitting on a narrow stretch of beach above the sea in Wells, Maine.  Your floors creak.  The porch groans.  The wind whips through your attic windows.  There's history here:  of sandy feet, late-night card games around the kitchen table, and sunburned kids tossing in their beds.  Of laughter and arguments and love.

You can hear the water from anywhere in the house.  You whisper to it like a long-lost love.  "I'm still here," you say.  "Come and get me."

A beach house is a fragile thing, weathering a beating from late summer hurricanes and winter storms.  Each spring we wonder:  will it still be there?  A beach house makes you remember that time is precious.  That it could all be swept out to sea at any moment.  So linger on the porch.  Play one more game of cards.  Dig your feet deeper into the sand.  You never know if this day will be your last.

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