Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Favorite find at Brimfield this summer

wooden crate from Brimfield seller Vintage Retriever, $40

I scooped up this awesome wooden whiskey box at Brimfield in September, but it almost wasn't mine! Here's the story. So I'm combing through the booths as I always do, with mom about 10 steps ahead because she's antique-obsessed, when I came across the cutest little display by the folks at Vintage Retriever. I knew I wanted to buy a wooden crate at some point, but it didn't need to happen unless I found one I really loved.

Up on a shelf, sitting atop a luxe leather valise, was this amazing wooden crate used to ship whiskey -- Teacher's Highland Cream, to be exact.  (Fun fact: in the US and Ireland, it's spelled "whiskey," while the rest of the world drops out the "e.") I saw it and immediately thought of the BF, who is both a high school teacher and whiskey aficionado, so I made them an offer. Alas, my offer was too low, and it was a little too early in the day to part with half my cash. So I went on my way, sans crate.

My mother and I have a rule at Brimfield: if you see something you love, you better buy it right then because it will be impossible to find it later. Well I went through the whole day and kept thinking about that darn box. By 5pm I decided I would leave it up to fate.  If I could find my way back to the booth, and if the box was still there, then it was meant to be and I would buy it. Lo and behold, there it was, and I happily handed over the cash.

I'm planning to decorate with it in the apartment somehow, though I'm still trying to figure that out. I love the look of it on top of a bookcase, with a plant spilling out.  Or perhaps as storage atop a shelf.  Any pointers on decorating with crates? Leave me a comment below!

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